kisstherain4me (kisstherain4me) wrote in boston_buddies,

Goodbye Sam?

As I had feared, Sam's weird, vicious unpredictability has turned on DeeDee. I think he was sleeping and she brushed by himm or something, and he attacked her and put her hole in her little face. *Sigh* Sam attacks every dog he see's, he's bitten me, Adrian and my brother in the face, he bit right through my brother's lip, and he bit Adrian cause I was eating potato chips and Adrian went to have one. He bit Adrian's grandmother, for NO reason, we were outside, it was neutral, she has dogs, so she was proper, talking to him, holding out her hand, and he just flew at her and attacked her hand. He shows NO warning either, he's so dangerous, I can never tell when this is going to happen. I would just like to get his previous owners and wring their neck for whatever they did to him.



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