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Another Update!

Sweet lord, my friend is going to give Gimli (see previous post) free!!
I am waiting to see what, if any, things I need to buy him.

My friend said that she loves him so much that she feels horrible about not being able to spend time with him and play with him much. So she opted to give him to me. He's UTD on his shots, neutered, and has (what she calls) a great temperment. I'm looking to see if she's ever sent me a picture of him.

Despite some downfalls my friend has (as I've mentioned in previous comments) she's the first one to own up to them and that takes character. :) She really is a good mommy to Gimli and I just hope that I can match up to her. :)

We are having dinner tomorrow after I get off work. Don't know if she is going to bring Gimli or not. I would suspect so.
I'm so psyched!
I'm gonna be a mommy! I'm gonna be a mommy! I'm gonna be a mommy!

(are you tired of these updates yet?) *GRIN*

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