Dr. Leo Spaceman (auxoriousrex) wrote in boston_buddies,
Dr. Leo Spaceman

odd behaving pups

So, on Thanksgiving, my husband deployed. Since then, my two bostons have been acting very odd. My younger dog Tallulah is normally very hyper and cuddly. She loves being in your lap/face/business, etc. She's been extremely withdrawn since my husband left. She will just STAND for minutes on end with her ears back, eyes wide open, and sometimes shaking. If you try to move her or pet her, she hardly reacts. After a while, she will eventually move and go sit on my husband's chair until she wants to eat or go outside. For about a month she would sit at the edge of the bed, seemingly waiting for him to come to bed. It took me a long time to get her to lay down and she's jumpy all night. She is usually the very epitome of a lap dog, but I can barely get her to want to be pet or cuddled with anymore.

Now, my other dog has been extremely clingy. He's always been more independent and would rather sit next to you than on your lap. Now, he follows me everywhere, always trying to be in my lap or my arms. He even went as far as to growl at the cat when she tried to sit with me.

So yeah.. I don't think that I've been doing anything that would trigger their behavior. I've remained calm and more or less went about with my business since my husband left. I'm just trying to figure out what I should do for my bostons to make them more at ease while my husband is gone...
soooo, any advice??

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