Lorinda (sweetdemonica) wrote in boston_buddies,

Get to know me post:)

Hi! I'm Lorinda, the proud owner of two bostons.

She'll be 7 in April. She's a big girl of 28 pounds. She loves her rawhides more then anything. She was not thrilled when we brought her home a little sister, Emma


Emma will be 2 coming up soon i think. She is technically my mom's dog and totally over weight from french fries. She's a hefty 32lbs. She still is very much a puppy. it's amazing the antics she comes up with to steal bones from emo.

we live in northern illinois
Illinois Pictures, Images and Photos

This is me and a copy of my christmas present:) (the actual print had not come in yet)

and we also live with two ferrets Booger and Flower. Emo doesn't bother the ferrets, but emma has to stay away from them because she does not understand why she cant carry them around the house.
sadly i dont have pictures of htem at the moment!

I've been an active member for about a year now:)
BTW, i would just like to say that the boston calendar is amazing. it looks great in my office.

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