Jenny (littlesunflower) wrote in boston_buddies,

Tiny Dog

What do you do when a dog won't eat?

Since my husband lost his job, Daisy hasn't had to be cooped up in her crate all day, because if she is in there and she knows someone is home she will rock violently back and forth until she hurts herself. :(

So she gets to hang out with her daddy and her furry brother Gambit all day long.

When she was crated, feeding was easier. She'd have her kibbles in her crate, he'd have his in his room, and they'd eat. Now that she isn't in her crate, I am having trouble feeding them. Initially we put the food in a big bowl and let them share but Gambit seemed to be eating the bulk of it, so we seperated them pretty soon. But now feeding is tough.

With her kibbles in her crate, I guess she could pick and choose all day when she wanted to eat until she was full. Now, I can't just leave kibbles around because Gambit (aka mr. piggy) will eat them all up. But if I put her in her crate for a half hour to an hour in the morning while I get ready for work, she won't eat, she just howls to be let out because she knows my husband is home.

Dinnertime is hard, too. She used to sit pretty in her crate and have dinner, but now she wants to be with Gambit all the time. As a result, she hardly eats. She's pretty thin - not scrawny, she's got puppy fat and turkey thighs - and she goes to the bathroom ok and her energy level is fine - but she is definately thin, about 14-15 pounds, which is 10 pounds less than Gambit, though she is equally as tall. I worry that she's being malnourished. I hate to resort to putting a reward in her food like a dab of puppy gravy or some cheese but she won't stick to a feeding schedule. I know she should really stick to her crate routine, but when she knows someone is home she gets so violently unhappy she has really hurt herself rocking that crate side to side and screaming like a demon. If she hears us both leave, though, she'll quiet right down and doze (we watched her on webcam for a while). So I'm kind of in a catch 22. she'll only eat sensibly when she's got time to free range in her crate, but she cant' spend all day in her crate right now.

Any tips?

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