Alassante (alassante) wrote in boston_buddies,

Hi. I rarely post but I wanted to say hi during this re-introduction period. I have one Boston Terrier who is named 'Mayday' Malone aka Boo-boo. He got his nickname from the movie Monsters Inc. (the cute little girl is called Boo by Sully) His real name came from Sam Malone on Cheers who was called Mayday during his run as a baseball player. Malone is going on 7 yrs old. He's my baby and the best dog I've ever had. I was not a boston fan from the start. My ex husband loved them and begged for one. When we bought Malone I said -'Get that one, he's the least ugly one of the two' LOL On the way home, he slept on my chest and after that - he was my dog. My ex was so mad that 'his' dog was MY dog LOL Malone growls if someone takes him off my lap or off my bed. He cannot stand to be taken away from me. He's really silly about his attachment to his security blanket too. My mom who swore no more dogs has now reconsidered because she wants a dog like mine. =0) I'm trying to get in touch with his breeder or get a rescue puppy for her.


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