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My name is Jenny and my husband and I have two furbabies named Gambit, aka Chunkapup, aka Mr. Moo, aka Mr. boo-hoo moo (he whines a lot), and Daisy, aka Deezer, aka Dee-Dees, Aka Furious D, aka El Tailio Diablo.

Gambit will be 3 on June 25 and Daisy will be 1 on March 31st. They are second cousins and they love each other and fight like two goblins tied up in a sack. They couldn't be more different. Gambit is a very solid 24 pounds, his ears don't go up, he loves to cuddle, is very lazy, and whines all the time if you don't spend 100% of your time giving him kisses and rubbing his belly. He doesn't really have a tail, just a "fluff-o'-nothin'" as we call it that looks tacked on to his bum like Eeyore from winnie the pooh. Daisy is about 13-14 pounds of lean muscle, has bat-like ears, hates being picked up, is thoroughly independent, and looks at us as the people who bring her toys so she can play with her brother. I don't think she sleeps. I suspect she is secretly a cat. She has a powder puff tail.

Both were purchased from the same breeder, a family who raises Bostons and bulldogs for other families. We live in our house in Ontario with two budgies who provide background music to the spoiled, pampered lives of our two babies.

These are the only pictures I have access to at work:

babiesCollapse )

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