M to the J (messyjessy) wrote in boston_buddies,
M to the J

Hi there!

I'm Jess and this is Casey Jones. We live in Albuquerque and Casey is almost 4 years old. I adopted him in April, 2007 from the city animal shelter. My sister-in-law knew I wanted a BT and saw him on the animal shelter's website. So she and I raced down to see him. We walked all over the place (it was heartbreaking!) and couldn't find him anywhere. I went into the shelter's office and asked where the Boston Terrier was. Turns out that he was being held in a kennel in the section of dogs who were not eligible for adoption due to illness, injury or violence. He was there only because they'd had no other free kennels. He had been picked up as a stray and had even had tags. They shelter employees had been calling the number on his tags, but there was no answer. So he became mine.

Casey can be very naughty. He learned how to unlock and let himself out of his crate. He can open the kitchen cabinets. He can jump into my car, through the driver's side window, when the car is parked in the garage. He is clearly smarter than I am and he infuriates me on a daily basis. But he never fails to make me smile.

To this day I will never be able to understand why someone could give up such a lovable pup. Unless maybe they couldn't deal with all the farting! Anyway, no matter the reason, I'm grateful for whatever happened to bring him into my life. He's my first Boston and certainly will not be my last. I've been considering finding him a little sister one day soon.

This is his "why won't you let me eat yarn" pout.


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