hysteric glamour (unquietmind) wrote in boston_buddies,
hysteric glamour

Hi Boston Buddies! It's so great to see old friends and make some new ones with these introductions. I'm Elizabeth and I'm owned by our 10 year old Boston, Bella. Actually, she's really my husband's dog - a true Daddy's Girl. I don't really exist unless I have the food :)

This photo is from Christmas 2007. Five months after this, Bella underwent successful surgery to shorten an elongated soft palate that was making it really difficult for her to breathe. Unfortunately, a couple months later, she was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome.

Bella is doing well; we keep her happy and comfortable. But she does have some hair loss and lumpy skin caused by calcification (a great excuse to dress her in cute sweaters). She also has the typical Cushings pot belly. I'm not posting a current photo because some people may be upset by her appearance. Of course, we love her no matter what she looks like.

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