Defying Gravity (starlit12) wrote in boston_buddies,
Defying Gravity

Hello everyone!

My name is Alexandra - I live in northern New Jersey and own Tuffy - my 13 year old, 32 pound brindle Boston Terrier.

My parents bought Tuffy for me on New Year's Eve (or maybe it was the 30th?) when I was in the 7th grade from a mall pet store (yikes!!!!!) I had been to the mall a few days prior with my best friend and her mother and fell in love with him. I had to have that particular dog - something in his face, personality, etc - I just knew he was for me and we have been inseparable ever since.

Tuffy is 'cousins' with Molly and Bob - the chocolate twins that my sister posted about earlier. My parents also have Charley and Rory.

So, hello everyone!!

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