i'm terrified. (ce_soir) wrote in boston_buddies,
i'm terrified.

reintroduction: i know i am kind of late on this buuut these are my boys.
woofgang is a year a half old. buddy is a bt mix, with something. who knows what. he is 2 - 3 years old. milo is the baby bt/pug mix. he was born october 29th, he is only 12 weeks and he seems to be stunted in growth. he walks right underneath buddy's belly. we live in a suburb of phoenix, az. they enjoy spending their days sunbathing, inside or outside. they enjoy wrestling, playing tug of war, being loud and obnoxious and occasionally tinkling on the rug : / but i love them anyhow.
woofgang smiling biiiig:
buddy hogging the remote:
baby milo and i:

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