Eternal Butterfly (eternamariposa) wrote in boston_buddies,
Eternal Butterfly

New Puppy On the Way!

 Hello All!  I am really excited because we finally found a boston terrier puppy that we liked, was healthy, and could afford.   The little guy is only three weeks old right now so we won't be bringing him home for a little over a month.  So, I am hoping to take these next few weeks to learn as much as I can about the right care and everything.  Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do before and/or when we bring the little guy home?

Our main focuses right now are:

-Picking the right food, feeding times
-Potty Trainning
-Helping the dog transition comfortably: ie, sleeping arrangments, time away from the pup, bonding with our two year old, etc.
-startup supplies

But all info is certainly welcomed! TIA

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