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I don't know who has worse separation anxiety ...... Me or Gimli!

I'm reading "The Dog Listener" so hopefully I can try Amichien Bonding to help calm Gimsta and so I don't feel so bad when I leave.

Quick question ....... how long after you feed your puppy does s/he need to go out? I fed Gimmy and waited about 20-30 mins and he wouldn't pooopies. I feel bad cause this is only creating a mess for me to clean up when I get home. BUT I have paper down where he poopied last night so maybe he'll be a one spot kinda dog like my friend claims him to be...... unfortunately it is in my bedroom closet! :P

I have NO idea how much sleep I actually got last night with the pimpsta in my bed. Between him attacking my head with kisses and him snuggling up to me completely under the blankets (I was worried I was going to roll over on him!!)

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