Kieran (walklikethunder) wrote in boston_buddies,

Can dogs wet the bed?

Every once in awhile Dexter has started this habit where he pees all over himself. I'm trying to figure out what is up with it. He's gotten SO awesome at the potty training. Except for this. Tonight it happened again.

It always happens when he's wrapped up like a little burrito next to me on the couch. He naps for awhile and when I go to take him out after several hours of napping- he doesn't have to pee. This of coarse leads me inside to look for his little puddles. I always find it saturating the blanket he just pulled himself out of. Seriously today as he started to wake up I went "lets go out!" I feel like he might have wet himself while sleeping? Can this happen? It seriously feels like he's too lazy to get himself out and tell me, "OHAI MOM TAKE ME OUT!"

Suggestions? Ideas?

He just got a clean bill of health 4 weeks ago when I had his urine rechecked for bladder problems.

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