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So, Today I was in the book store with my Boyfriend, he had to take photos of text in books for something in one of his classes; So, I started to walk around and look in comic books, then I spotted Kat Von D's book; 'High Voltage Tattoo'. I always been into tattoos, wanting one of my first dog (who happens to be a boston) when I get out of collage; I wanted to peek in the book, I thumb though, and well I see this, that I want to show to all of you;


My jaw dropped when I saw it.
Its so well done, and it has little vans on too!
I skimmed th story over it, cus right when I saw this tattoo the book store was closing, but the tattoo is on a tattoo artist, and his boston, hangs out at his tattoo shop, always sleeping at his feet as he worked.
One of the other cute things about it is that Kat uses the breed's nickname, American Gentlemen, when she talks about the dog.

I am planning to buy the book very soon, mostly cus of this tattoo lol, I will try to get scans of the page when I do have it, but in the photo is the page number (112) if you want to look at the page close up the next time you are in a book store


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