Pirate Likes Oatmeal (pratelikesoatml) wrote in boston_buddies,
Pirate Likes Oatmeal

Lola & Maple Syrup

It's been awhile. Maple went out with us on the boat recently and she was so-so about it. She did better then I thought she would but a lot of times she just wanted to sit under the steering wheel away from the wind. But she looked SO cute. Lola has been a little booger lately. She definitely thinks she is queen B and she picks on our dane puppy.

And a little great dane for good measure :]

And we went to the St. Patricks Riverside Boston Meetup. Had tons of fun. Maple doesn't bark and try and be all ferocious anymore once she is inside the gates haha. She had fun and Lola just makes sure to be in everyone's face and try and jump in every other dogs photos.

Lola being a brat

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