Jenny (littlesunflower) wrote in boston_buddies,

Mysterious pee

Last weekend, we had a party with a few friends to celebrate Daisy's first birthday. They all brought her little presents. When they were arriving, she got so excited that she peed herself on the hall carpet. It was quickly cleaned up and the party continued.

Up to that time, Daisy hadn't peed in the house for at least two months; my husband and I were beginning to think she had finally gotten over her accidents.

How wrong we were.

That same night, not even an hour after going out, she peed her pants again, this time in the basement.

Subsequently, we have been finding "pee" accidents all over the house this week. I have tried to take her out more frequently - we had stretched her to three or four hours, now she's back to two, but I'm still finding accidents.

Just a moment ago, she was on the bed napping, fast asleep. I went to the bathroom. I returned to find her lying quietly on the bed, half-awake and groggy, nursing her toy. I stepped in a giant puddle of pee on the floor. She had gotten up, peed, and just gone right back to bed.

She's not "hiding" the pee, she's just - peeing.

Could she have an infection? I just don't understand why this is happening again!

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