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kiddie pools?

Does anyone else have a kiddie pool for their boston? If so, what do they do in it? Just stand in it? Splash around? Lay and relax?

When Coco was a puppy, she used to ALWAYS splash in the water bowl and get water EVERYWHERE! And since it's already 80*f in Texas, I figured a kiddie pool would be PERFECT for her to splash in since I dont think the other 2 dogs appreciate having their water bowl emptied. So, I got one and filled it up--the other dogs seem uninterested and just seem to drink from it. Coco just STANDS in it--and gets out...lol. Hopefully, she has more fun with it as the days pass.

coco likes the kiddie pool!
She was actually yawning, but I like to think that it is her with a great big smile!

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