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14 April 2009 @ 10:40 pm
I'm sorry if this has been talked about, I don't have it in me to do a search right now. Have any of your Boston's had seizures? If they have, can you post your experience with them. What caused them, what treatment did you do, how often were they, were they caused by inflammation or epilepsy, or tumors, or something else? Did they survive the treatment, how long did they?

Sorry for all the questions.

I ask because my baby Macy had a "cluster seizure" today. She had a series of 4 short ones. We took her to the vet, and they gave her a steroid shot, steroid pills that she starts tomorrow, antibiotics, and emergency rectal valium if she has one for longer than a few minutes.

We noticed about a week ago that she was not quite acting herself. She seemed kinda down, and then practically overnight she wasn't able to come up the stairs without help, or jump up on the couch. Which she could do no problem. Then she had a little trouble walking and keeping her balance after she got up from sleeping. We made a vet appointment, but due to the main doctor being away the closest appt we could get was for tomorrow. Then yesterday she got what is called "Cherry Eye" (from what I read about, due to stress from this).

Then today at 4, the seizures started. She had one and we immediately took her to the emergency vet, thats when they took blood, and gave us the medicine. She then had one while she was there, one on the way home, and one about a few hours ago.

They told us that Bostons are prone to seizures, especially when they get up in age. Macy is 10. But after doing some research online, I was able to see that these could be caused by Epilepsy, or possibly a Brain Tumor. I am conflicted, should I wait to see if the medication does anything (she has a 10 day dosage), or should I take her now to get an MRI and CT scan?

I hate seeing her like this. I know I don't need to say this because this is how we all feel about our Bostons, but she is a part of this family and it tears my heart out to see her acting this way. I feel so bad for her, and I hate this waiting game.

I know we're a close group, especially when one of our own is in need (I especially remember feeling as though we lost our dog when Lulu passed). I wanted to see what your experiences have been, and what you may be able to tell me.

Thank you again.
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Defying Gravity: Tuffystarlit12 on April 15th, 2009 01:08 pm (UTC)
The only experience I ever had with this is one day last summer, when Tuffy was 12 years and about 10 months, I had driven back from my shore house with Tuffy and my boyfriend. It was a 2 1/2 hour car ride, and although Tuffy had a great time on the trip, I sensed something was "off."

When we arrived home, he was "fine," but then out of nowhere, he sorta just fell over? I'm not sure how to explain it? I kinda freaked out, but at the same time, I honestly just thought he was "dying," and just sorta made him comfortable (while crying). Within about 10 minutes, he jumped back up and was totally normal and was totally normal ever since.

I did not take him to the vet specifically for this incident - cause he immediately was so normal, the car trip and vacation could have stressed him - I dunno. I might be a terrible mother, but I didn't.

At a vet visit since, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and is now on medication for the (benazapryl? It's a human blood pressure medication) and a heart murmur (which he has always had). His pee levels were also indicating a urinary tract infection or possible early stages of kidney disease. He was on meds for about 3 weeks, and apparently those levels are back to normal - so we guess it was a UTI.

So - did my baby have a seizure that night in August? Quite possibly. It fits with the "older in age," "common in BTs." However, when we told the vet about that later he was not concerned about that at all.

That has been my only experience, and I'm not even sure it was a "seizure" that he had. I don't know if seizures/high blood pressure are related? But I just wanted to tell you of my experience in older BT care and the health issues that Tuffy is facing.

Also, after this past vet visit (after the UTI/kidneys, high blood pressure, etc) the vet told us that overall he is doing well if these things are monitored, and he has another 2 - 3 years left. My other BTs all died around the 10-12 age. Tuffy is now 13 1/2!!!
Sarah Raesarahrae on April 15th, 2009 02:41 pm (UTC)
Our Boston Wilbur has seizures. It's the most horrifying thing any dog parent can go through. And it doesn't get any easier each time it happens, I wish I could tell you it did.

Seizures are considered controlled if they are more than 4 weeks apart. That's pretty standard across the board for most doctors and typically a sedative is the only treatment for them.

They can be caused by all sorts of things, but more important to remember is to track them. I send myself an email through gmail each time so I can search for "wilbur seizure" and pull up an instant record and add to it. Yours seems to have stronger signals that they will be happening (not into jumping or doing stairs) although Wilbur just because a bit more sleepy.... which for him... wasn't that big of deal or easy to track.
During this time they have a tolerance level that different things can trigger the seizure, be it a loud noise, a barking dog outside, over excitement, things of that nature and it's best to keep them as calm as can be.

For us (and this will sound ridiculous, but I swear it's the truth) Wilbur has his seizures within the week of a full moon. And his tolerance to seizing stays low for the entire week almost. And was having them every 4-5 weeks. (We chose not to give the phenobarbital as I wasn't convinced after a RIDICULOUS amount of research that it did more good than harm)

He had them for 1.5 years without medication, they kept getting closer and closer together, starting at 3 months apart and going down progressively over the year and change. We moved back in November however, and he hasn't had a seizure since. 6 months seizure free. We moved from a house to a loft apartment and I would venture to guess that it doesn't hold the same stresses that were triggering him when his tolerance was low (mailman, people ringing the doorbell, our other dog barking at the previous two).

There is a great deal of information out there to be had on seizures, I do suggest checking into it when you are feeling up to the task. Remember that they need water and food shortly after eating, a seizure of that nature for them is like running the Boston Marathon all in a few minutes. Make sure you take them outside to relieve themselves as many will need to immediately (or even go while they are seizing).

Best of luck.