lonelypinkrose (lonelypinkrose) wrote in boston_buddies,

So Peaches (my Frenchie) bit into a clove of garlic yesterday.
I know in large amounts it's toxic and I've since moved it to a place she can't get into. She learned to open the cabinets to get to it!!
But anyway, now I'm stuck with my sweet lovable puppy who has GARLIC BREATH that stinks to high heaven!!

She's eaten, drank, and I've given her a million cookies... and still.... GARLIC.
Plus, when she burps.. omg.... it's horrrrrrrible!!!!

How can I fix my puppy?

Also, some of you wanted Porkchop (the English Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix) pictures... so here ya go!!! He looks more like the English, but definitely has a lot of Boston traits. He jumps... HIGH. His energy is through the roof. His legs are most Boston and his facial mask is more Boston.  He's a hoot :)


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