kisstherain4me (kisstherain4me) wrote in boston_buddies,

Disaster Averted

This is my living room...


This is the view out my living room window


The bostons were standing on the chair smelling out the open window, which they do all the time. I had my back to them sitting on the computer. Sam got bored and left, Deedee was on the arm of the chair smelling out the window...

and then I didn't hear her anymore, but I hadn't heard her walk away either. I started screaming and yelling DEEDEE!! DEEDEE!! And she comes walking IN the window off the ROOF and just stands on the window ledge looking at me!!!! SHE WAS WALKING AROUND ON THE ROOF 3 STORIES ABOVE THE F****** GROUND!!!!!!! I was screaming and yelling as she went flying across the floor into the bedroom and under the bed. She scared me SO BADLY. When we had the couch there we wouldn't leave the window all the way open because we were afraid Sam would climb out (and indeed, I had caught him by the bum before he jumped out) but I didn't think with the chair in the corner it would be a problem, I guess I hadn't considered Deedee the monkey dog. Talk about your heart stopping, OMG!!

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