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A while back I posted about Daisy peeing in the house. We took her to the vet and she seemed to check out - no bladder infection. And the peeing seemed to stop. Only now I discover that she is still peeing but hiding it, so I have screwed up somewhere so she feels ashamed and wants to pee in weird places. Like behind the couch, or in the back of her brother's crate. And it's like every day I find something. A tiny stain on the carpet in the bathroom. Or I leave the guest room door open for five minutes and she is peeing on the bed. I don't understand why she is doing this... I don't know what to do. She is peeing and being super sneaky about it, sometimes I can't even find it until I smell it, which is nasty and has soaked into the carpet since then. The pet sprays I'm using must not work b/c she seems to favour some spots over and over, like the guest bed.

What do I do? Do I have to take her out every 45 minutes like when she was a little baby puppy? Any idea what might be causing this? Do you think the vet screwed up? Should I get her checked again?

How would you handle this? Please help, this pee is making me crazy!

I have used my MIL's carpet shampooer/cleaner on the basement carpet after spraying it with pet spray. Hopefully it will work. However, the guest bed is an issue. She seems to favour one spot, even when we turn the matress over she will look for that area. Obviously the pet cleaners and sprays aren't penetrating to the smell. Any reccomendations? I really hate to have to replace the mattress.

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