i'm terrified. (ce_soir) wrote in boston_buddies,
i'm terrified.

buddy is sick. it's off and on and has been going on for about a month. he refuses to eat. last night he plopped down in my bed and didn't move all night. not even to get up and go out when i let the other dogs out at 4am and not when my boyfriend got up this morning. then he wouldn't eat again this morning. he was very lethargic. i put his food in his crate with him before i left in hopes that he would chow while i was at work but his bowl is still full :( but he is playing with the others, just not eating. his food hasn't changed. nothing has changed at all. i called and made him a vet appt. for monday, they want a poop sample and to take some blood.

anyone else ever have a pup with problems like these? i'm a worried mum.

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