i'm terrified. (ce_soir) wrote in boston_buddies,
i'm terrified.


buddy went and had blood taken monday. he was eating fine over the weekend but i noticed he wasn't drinking much. i tried pedialyte and gatorade, the fruit punch gatorade was his favorite but he still wouldn't drink more than 3 slurps. the vet said he appeared to be ok at the office, good weight, good temp, good eyes and ears. the vet that owns the office called today and said his blood work is funky. his white count in high which indicates infection, but there is no fever. she said the blood won't indicate where the infection is so she wants to get a pee sample and see if it's his kidneys or bladder. in the mean time he is on anti-biotics and lots of chicken broth because it's the only thing he will drink right now.

poor buddy. he isn't all bad though. when he sees a ball fly he soon follows. when that stops i'll really get worried.


i love this face.

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