Karol Ann Moore (kam0520) wrote in boston_buddies,
Karol Ann Moore

whiny pup

We've had petey since friday and we expected him to be whiny in his crate at night, but it's like he is not sleeping at all.  We finally had to move the crate to another room so we could get some sleep.  We've tried putting toys in there with him, we've got a blanket in there, and we cover the top with another blanket, this is exactly the same thing we did with Molly.  But Petey STILL whines, ALL night long and all day long.  He apparently whined so much today while we were at work he is horse when he barks :(  ANY suggestions?  We evenried covering the crate with a shirt that my husband wore so it'd smell like a human, nope didn't work.  

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