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07 June 2009 @ 04:42 pm

Well, it's been quite an experiance dealing with the new dog in the house, but it finally seems like everyone starting to mesh.

10 days ago we sent Darcy in to be spayed. At the time, it was simply for the fact we had no business raising puppies and with her liking to do a runner whenever she had the chance, it was prudent not to risk it. Now, wow, it was totally the right thing to do. We've heard of spaying/neutering changing an animal's personality, but Darcy is the first case I've ever seen first hand. She is so much calmer, more confident, and all together happier, it's incrediable. The high arch we were worried about in her back is GONE. It was completely due to constant tension, something not even the vet could believe!

Now that she's less high-strung, she's stopped picking petty fights with Bebo and peeing on everything I own - Not everything in the house. With four people around, only MY things, and I'm not even her Mama. Oh, and her ears! It used to be that her ears were plastered back on her head 99.9% of the time. Now, I see her ears perk up regularly! Not as often as most Boston's I've seen, yet, but she's showing much more geniune interest in things instead of cowering in a corner.