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Thank You For the Good Vibes!

Thank you to everyone for the good vibes & for keeping an eye out for Woody. A gal down the street from us took him in this afternoon when he came up to her in her driveway. She called the Denver Dumb Friends' League and got the number for his previous owner. (We got him off Craigslist about a month ago from a family that just couldn't take care of him.) She had been calling his previous owner all day and finally she called her back and gave her my number. Ironically, a couple posts under mine on CL, someone had posted about a BT that they'd found that looks ver similar to Woody. So I've gotten several calls about that today.

It's nice to know there's such good people out there. :D

....I'll have to make a "Woody" icon....this one is of our first BT, Charlie.

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