Susan (busysuzy) wrote in boston_buddies,

elongated palate surgery

Hey everyone, Thanks for the well wishes/prayers/good thoughts for Bella. We're still dealing with the issues, but things are looking better. She's out of the hospital and back home. Her original issue (the eye ulceration) is under control, although she's lost some sight and has a permanently "milky" eye. At least she's out of pain. That's all I care about at this point.

But, she did end up having surgery for her elongated palate. This is a common issue for Bostons, so I was wondering who else here has dealt with this? She's only 50 hours post-op, so her throat is very sore and she sounds quite phlegmy and, although she wants to eat, is obviously having a hard time swallowing. I'm trying not to panic too much!

So, tell me who else has had this surgery for their babies?


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