SMGriffin (smgriffin) wrote in boston_buddies,

Had a Darcyanna scare today. when she and Bebo came in from the back yard this morning, Darcy was drooling like the faucet. I checked the back yard for what she could have eaten and found an ancient 'Spray'n'Wash' stick and about had a heart attack. One vet visit later, it looks like she's going to be fine, but I still feel like locking her in a box and never letting her out again.

I do have some photos of her and Bebo's fun day out at Beluga point!

Bebo and Darcy working together to find every muddy place they could because Mom forgot to bring a towel to clean their paws.

She claims this rock in the name of Darcyanna-dom!

And, of course, every intrepid explorer needs a close-up. 


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