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Hello again. So violet had another seizure...and of course i'm a debbie downer and have to write in here. I hate writing these b/c I'm sure they're annoying, I just feel so helpless and sick to my stomach. Of course her vet is closed on Thursdays, so I'll be calling first thing Friday to move up her annual exam. I'm praying she doesn't have another one tonight, but I'm assuming she'll have to be put on epilepsy meds now....I just hate this. I know no one wants this, but I'm just so emotional over my baby and I hate this sick feeling I always get. I was optimistic that it might be a once a year thing, but now I'm afraid it'll be more often, but I just don't get it. I just wish I knew what was really going on ::sigh:: I'm afraid the phenobarbital will just hurt her liver and what if they don't get the dosage she needs right the first time??

I'm sorry I always post this in here, I just feel that this is the only place that i can be understood...


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