Sara Rae (sarakenobi) wrote in boston_buddies,
Sara Rae

I need some advice for a friend. they are in a bad place right now and this morning when she woke up her dog vomited clear/gray. she's acting lethargic and wouldn't eat dinner tonight, and she's not sure if the dog drank water today. She really can not afford to take the dog to the vet right now. they've been trying to rehome her properly for a year but no one is interested in an older dog and she's fearful that shelter would try to just put the dog down.

I told her that when Lucy was really sick a few years ago that the vet told us to avoid all food for 24 hours until the vomiting stopped, and then offer boiled chicken and rice, and add turkey gravy to make it more appetizing if she still wouldn't eat. however, Lucy was drinking water. and this dog doesn't seem to be.

She's not a small dog, so I dont' think she'd waste away to nothing. I suggested honey in the water too to help with the electrolyte balance.

What else can we do? any suggestions?

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