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advice (non BT but doggie related)

(And if anyone finds this too far off -topic please advise with another forum that would be appropriate)

Anyone have experience with co-ownership?   I've got a line on a pupper with terms that she be bred twice.   Current owner/breeder wants the first litter and half the second.

I'm not 100% sure it would be a co-ownership situation as I've not spoken to her myself. My mother saw the listing and called on my behalf.    But i've heard horror stories, but mostly from the secondary owner registring the dog alone and disregarding contracts.  

So has anyone done this, as either the original breeder or the secondary owner?   I'm looking for whatever imput anyone may have.

Any advice on things i should ask of her.   Beyond the normal, are you willing to take her back if i can't keep her.   Obviously how an odd numbered litter would be split.   And of course if this is a co-ownership does full ownership revert to me once the breeding obligations are met.   

If the mating produces no pups? or living no pups?  or if somewhere along the line a pup or the bitch come back with a negative health certification.  Or who's responsible if something goes wrong with birthing (emergency C-section and the dr things it best to spay her)

Given a choice I would spay a dog i was buying outright.   But I'm willing to do this.  I just hope when push comes to shove she is willing to let me have the pupper.   I fit her happy criteria, i own my home (or will in a few months just waiting for closing) and i have a fenced yard.  I'm local to her.  I can get a referral from Sky King's Drs that his care was always taken care of.  


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