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Just found this community!

Here is my story:
For two straight years I had been telling my boyfriend that I would get a Boston Terrier and her name would be Lucy and every time I saw one, I would say that I had seen my "Future Lucy." Well, it was around Christmas time last year and J likes to drive in the snow so he asked if I wanted to go for a drive with him one Sunday. I said yes and we woke up early the next day and headed out. I asked what he had in mind and he said that it was a surprise. Everytime I asked where we were going, he gave me an answer of, "to infinity and beyond", "off to the wild blue yonder." Finally, after about 45 minutes of driving I asked what our destination was and he said we were on our way to pick up parts for his Jeep that he had found online. Yippee, I'm thinking, so whatever, I was along for the ride. After about three hours of driving, we pull off to a gas station and I get out to get a snack. When I get back, I see a truck with a Boston in the front seat. Of course I freak out and go over and when I get there, J hands me a little girl puppy and says, "Merry Christmas!" I cried, I was so happy and we called her reality Lucy instead of future Lucy. She is now 9 month old and has lived up to absolutely everything I have wanted in a dog. She is just the sweetest girl! Even people that don't like small dogs love Lucy.


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