Jenny (littlesunflower) wrote in boston_buddies,

Daisy - Update

The vet called just now. Daisy's bloodwork has been okay so far but isn't finished. He said she is very weak but no longer vomiting or having diahrrea. He wants her to stay on the IV at the hospital today and they will finish the tests and he will call me when he begins his night shift. My husband thinks they are scamming us for more money keeping her all day (an extra 400 dollars to add to her 1400 dollar bill of the previous night) but I don't care!! She can stay there if they say she has to!

He said her poor wee stomach was very inflamed and she has gastritis, to start with, and they are still examining her intestines. Hopefully they will be able to treat it. I think she must have finally swallowed something she couldn't just pass. Hopefully they will be able to fix her. I'm very worried still but at least so far nothing too severe, I have read online that gastritis is treatable with a special diet and medicine. My biggest fear is that they will find she has damaged her intestine. I know those surgeries are very expensive. I'm paying the money, obviously, but we really don't have a lot to spread around currently, so I'm crossing my fingers.

Gambit is very confused about where his sister has gone. He keeps looking for her. It's really sad. :( He went to her crate this morning and seemed very puzzled that she wasn't in it, since he knew she wasn't in the bed with us last night. I hope he'll be okay today. I hope Daisy will be home with us tonight!

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