Ravenvoice (ravenvoice) wrote in boston_buddies,

New Pupper

Well here I am 3 days short of when Iost Sky King 2 years ago.   He's not a BT, I still can't look at Bostons without getting horribly sad.   I brought this little guy home yesterday.  I've not quite settled on a name yet.

Part of me feels like I'm betraying Sky.especially when its so close to the anniversary of losng him.   But everyone tells me that Sky would want me to have another pupper.  I just miss Sky so much.

He's a havanese and will be 12 weeks tommorow.

from the back-side he looks rather like a polar bear (this of course will fade when he gets larger) but Bear seems to be in the lead.  Or perhaps Bruno.

Picture taking didn't go so well yesterday.  He was a sleepy baby just getting used to his new surroundings and i didn't want to tax him.   Got his new blue harness and a leash and zero clue as to what that meant.   :0)

So Bear (for now) and I will continue to lurk on list even though I'm no longer a Boston mom.


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