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Guilt-Inducing Looks

Took some pictures of Carson this afternoon. He's been pretty mopey since his big fat bulldog sister had to be put down so he's mastered the tortured look. Don't you feel bad for me? Know what would cheer me up? A treat.

Don't look at me!

These are my demon-ears. My humans say I pull these out when I'm plotting some eeeevil.

I am the master of these couches. If you get near me I'll drape my gangly paws over your neck and casually jab you when I want to shift. It's all about my level of comfort, you know.

Whiskers give my character.

Did I hear the crinkle of a wrapper? Did someone open the fridge door? I know I hear food!

Until you decide to give me my Greenie I'll be sitting here, watching to see if you drop anything on the floor for me to snatch. Always vigilant.

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