sweet_symph0ny (sweet_symph0ny) wrote in boston_buddies,

Another pupper?

I so love my chloe very much but im afraid that she much be a bit lonely, i try to take her to the dog park as much as possible but most of the dogs are huge and she sometimes huddles between my feet :( . Darla was aways an only doggy which was okay because she spent a lot of time at my parents house with their dog but we live too  far away now for everyday visits. So my questions is, should i get another dog now or wait until she is a bit older, she's almost 8 months. Which gender do you think would be more suitable, she is spayed and i have no plans of ever breeding. Id like to get a rescue boston but we live in newfoundland ca so that's a bit difficult. Also would it be better to get another puppy or an older dog? thanks in advance!


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