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Howdy! (That's Texan for 'hello')

Howdy - I'm new to the group & I'd like to introduce myself.  I'm a recent convert from being strictly a cat lover to loving Boston terriers as well.  About a year ago, I adopted a 1 year old rescue dog named Milo for my hubby and he is an absolute joy.  We also have a cat, Sammy, who mostly tolerates Milo, but they have a good arrangement.  Often Milo will start annoying the cat, who will run upstairs, we'll hear some romping around and then see Sammy chase Milo back down the stairs!  We keep them from playing rough since Sammy has claws, but Milo dodges him well.  

Sammy is a lover, not a fighter, and will come running home when he encounters other (more territorial) cats outside.  Sometimes the aggressive cats will chase Sammy into our backyard.  When Milo hears them, he runs outside (through the pet door), and scares off any intruding cats, while Sammy runs safely inside. 

We're considering adopting another Boston terrier because Sammy isn't really a companion to Milo.  Right now space is an issue, but we may be moving in the future to a home with a nice backyard. 

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