Joanna (miss_upsetter) wrote in boston_buddies,

Has anyone ever tried an indoor dog potty? I've been considering one for a while....

A few years ago, I box trained Bella with one of those doggy litter boxes. She didn't like the litter, so I'd use puppy pads. That worked out just fine, but she'd LOVE to rip up the pads. After I moved from there, every place I've lived has had a yard. So it hasn't been an issue.

The place I live currently has a yard, however, I moved to MN in feb this year. This is Bella's first winter. As I type this right now, it's snowing and she will not be happy to go outside! She hates the snow, rain, and cold. Since it's been getting colder, she's gone potty in the basement a few times and I don't want to be dealing with that all winter.

So, bottom line - don't want to clean up messes (waste or ripped up pads), so I'm wondering if these grassy things would be a decent investment. Any personal experiences?


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