Joanna (miss_upsetter) wrote in boston_buddies,

I posted a while ago about indoor potties and acclimating my pup to the cold & snow. The acclimating has been going okay - here's two videos of Bella on Christmas eve!

This one is way better as she HOPS through the snow! (1:00 mark!)

I got one of the UGODOG potties from Gulf Coast Pet Supplies on ebay (Link). The start of training was delayed because when I got the item, it was damaged and unusable. FedEx had punctured the tray. I contacted the seller and they had submitted an order for a replacement tray - free of charge - by the end of that evening. Their customer service is AMAZING.

Anyway, the indoor potty training is going okay. Once she's fully trained, I'll come back on here with some tips and tricks. So far, it's great and the plastic grating is comfortable for her to walk on.

Hope you all had a great holiday season!

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