Nancie (eicnan) wrote in boston_buddies,

I have decided that I want to trade places with my dog. He sleeps in bed under the covers nuzzled between my husband and I. I usually work from home so he spends his days in a little dog bed in front of a space heater with the heat setting to his liking not mine. He goes for a walk every day and has a large backyard with lots of squirrels and doggie door access to go in and out as he pleases. He goes to the dog park once a week to play with his friends. If I go in to the office he is dropped off at doggie daycare to play with his friends. His best friend is the cat so even if I'm not home he's never alone. When my husband and I go out of town he stays with grandma and grandpa who live on a farm so he can chase chickens all day then sleep in bed with them. On Sundays we have pancakes and I always cook him a little one with the leftover batter and cut it up then drizzle home made syrup on it for him. He has stashes of toys all over the house and I've given up trying to keep them all in his toy basket. The entire house pretty much revolves around Banjo.

Yeah...I totally envy his life and would rather be him for a day.

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