Pirate Likes Oatmeal (pratelikesoatml) wrote in boston_buddies,
Pirate Likes Oatmeal

Maple scare..

So yesterday I took Maple to get her DHPP(i think..) and Corona vaccines. They gave it to her in one vaccine. Everything was fine until about 5 or 6 hours later. I'm leaving my moms house and notice a few spots but since it was raining I thought she just had some wet spots. As we're in the car I notice the spots, which were really hives, were multiplying.. she was itching her eye and it was all red, panting and her face and lips were all swelling with hives. Call my mom and rush to the E-vet, she called to let them know I was coming. Get there and we are one of 3 there due to allergic reactions to vaccines but as soon as they saw Maple they told the other two they had to take her because Maple was the only with very visible reactions. $140 (which who cares for one of my babies)later and injections of steroids and antihistamine she is thankfully doing much better. I've never felt so bad though cause they needed to take her back and as I was holding her she literally turned toward me and clawed into me like "noooo mama, dont let them take meeeeeeeeee!" So now that shes had this allergic reaction, which was her first, they said she is more likely to have more and I'll need to give her benadryl before or take her in early so they can pre-treat her and/or keep her for an hour after to keep watch on her. And also to only give her the vaccines absolutely necessary and only one at a time. Anyone have experience with all of this?

I haz a boo boo.

now i haz a hungry
boo boo bandaid
lookin dead haha
oooh belly rubz make all better

lola says better her den mez

maple is feeling better and watching tv :]

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