Karol Ann Moore (kam0520) wrote in boston_buddies,
Karol Ann Moore

food recommendations

We have two bostons.  Molly who is 2 years old and Petey who will be 1 year old on friday. 

The vet recommended we put them on Purina Pro Plan puppy food when Molly was a puppy because the puppy chow she originally recommended made her sick.  So she's been on this food since she was about 6 months old and this is the only food Petey has ever been on.

Over the last few weeks we have noticed that Molly is EXCEPTIONALLY gassy.  Like even for a boston.  She will run you out of a room.  Also, anytime you put your ear to her stomach she has what we refer to as "fireworks belly".  Her tummy is just grumbling something awful.  I haven't really noticed a big difference in her poop except it doesn't seem to be very firm like Petey's is if that makes sense.  We are starting to wonder if we need to change her food.  They don't get a whole lot of table scraps so I don't really think it's giving them an excess of human food, and we don't use treats.  So really her dog food has to be the cause of her upset tummy.  

She is a scarfer though.  We tried feeding her out of a bowl, but that doesn't work, she eats too fast and throws up.  We have to just throw the pebbles down on the kitchen floor and they go to town, this prevents them from eating too fast.  Her eating so fast could be part of the problem, but I wouldn't think it'd cause gas. 

Any recommendations on food?  Should we just try swapping them to the adult version of the food instead of the puppy see if that helps?  Is it ok to go ahead and put Petey on adult food?  Thanks in advance!  You guys are the best!

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