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Dog Food/Stomach

Albus seems to stay in a constant stage of stomach upset.  He's been back and forth to the vet to treat loose stool and vomiting, I've changed his food, etc.  He gets better for a bit then is back to having an upset stomach.  He's had x-rays and blood work...all of it clear.  The last vet visit the vet said he thought it was irritable bowel syndrome and suggested putting him on Purina HA.  He's now been on his course of meds and this Purina HA for a week and his stools are still soft (not loose really but not solid either).  And Norbert's stool has gotten softer as well on this food.  Also he's thrown the food up twice and every evening after he eats it he acts like his tummy is upset (licking lips and sitting like he does when he's got an upset tummy).  10-15 minutes after he eats he's fine and usually doesn't throw up.  His stomach, however, is not really noisy like it had been.

My concern with this food is that corn starch is the top ingredient.  It has no meat ingredients I can see.  I should note this is the second "prescription" food they put him on.  The first was Purina Veterinary GI Pack.  I took him off of that after him continuing to have stomach upset almost two weeks after they put him on it. 

I'm at a loss at this point.  I want him to not have an upset stomach all the time (or at least a significant amount of time).

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