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I updated our intrests.

Do you see any that don't really need to be there?
Is there anymore that I should add?
I've always thought that this is one of the best ways for people to find our community. (besides "WORD OF MOUTH" *hint, hint*)

Let me know!

Interests:140: adopting, affection, agility, akc, american kennel club, animal health, animal rescue, animal shelters, animal welfare, animals, attention, babies, balls, barking, bat ears, baths, begging, big ears, big eyes, bones, boston terrier, boston terriers, bouncy, breeds, canine, canines, car rides, care, chasing, chasing cats, chasing things, chew toys, chewing, chewy sticks, cornholio, dog art, dog bowls, dog breeding, dog breeds, dog care, dog diets, dog food, dog health, dog lovers, dog parks, dog rescue, dog shows, dog stories, dog toys, dog training, dog treats, dog walk, dog welfare, doggies, doggys, dogs, eating, fetch, frisbee, funny dog pictures, giving kisses, grooming, guide dogs, happy, homemade diets, house breaking, housebreaking, hyperactivity, k9, k9 crunchies (<--*hint, hint*!), kongs, lap dogs, leashes, licking, lilo and stitch, little dogs, love, loving, lying on the heater, man's best friend, mixed breed dogs, neuter, nylabones, obedience, obedience training, parks, paws, pet adoption, pet care, pet friendly businesses, pet health, pet pictures, pet rescue, petfinder, pets, pictures of dogs, play, playing ball, playing tug-of-war, pup, puppies, puppy, puppy breath, puppy eyes, puppy love, puppy pictures, puppy rescue, pups, purebred dogs, rescue, rescues, retrieving, show dogs, showing dogs, sleeping, small dogs, smart dogs, smiling dogs, snoring, snorting, snuggle sacks, snugglebugs, spay, squeaky balls, squeaky toys, squeeky toys, sticks, stub tails, tennis balls, terrier, therapy dogs, toys, training and obedience, treats, tug of war, tummy rubs, vaccinations, wiggling, winston, woman's best friend. <--I really like that one. hehe *grin*

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