Amber (chancepuppeh) wrote in boston_buddies,

Silly bully.

As some of you may know, I've had Ashton since he was a young puppy (He turned 8 April 9th) and I adopted Oscar December of '08 (Also 8, though we think he may be older than I was told, doesn't matter I love him anyways). Now, Oscar can get a little aggressive when there's food around and we've been working on it, he's getting better but he'll still snap. He's never hurt anyone, just a little growl and bitey face, but we don't risk it and usually feed him in a separate room from Ashton.

Ashton is also a bully. What he does is harmless but, to me, seems pretty smart. Ashton has no problem opening doors if they aren't closed all the way and he also opens and closes his own kennel door. He figured out that Oscar can not/will not do these things. If Oscar's kennel door is closed, he will remain in the kennel. Oscar's kennel will be open all day sometimes, they are allowed to go in and out as they please during the day. I was trying to figure out why some days the kennel door will stay wide open and some days the door will be closed. Ashton closes Oscar's kennel door while Oscar is in there!! Oscar won't come out of a closed, unlocked kennel door....Ashton figured it out and uses it to his advantage. I CAUGHT him doing it! Oscar was napping in his kennel, Ashton went over and closed the door with his face. All I could do is stand there and laugh while Oscar looked up at me with his pitiful face.

Any of your pigs figured out how to "punish" their siblings?

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