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a vet story (with old pictures)

(Part of this is about Scruffi, a non-Boston furry family member.)

Lainie has not been feeling well. She lost a tooth trying to attack another dog with a door between them, and she somehow injured a ligament (or was it tendon?) in her knee. Have you ever seen a Boston baby not bounce? It's a sad, sorry sight.

I had an out-of-town appointment today, so my mother took Lainie to the vet along with Scruffi, the fluffy dog in my icon. Scruffi's seizures had been getting worse and worse, plus she seemed to be constantly itching, so Mom wanted to have her checked out. Also, it was time for Scruffi's yearly shots.

It turned out that Scruffi's heartworms (some of you might remember that she had them when we took her in) had gotten much worse. She also had a skin infection. The doctor couldn't increase her seizure meds any more. The vet felt that, with all of that working against her, the best thing to do would be to put her down.

The good news is that Lainie will heal just fine and does not need surgery as I had feared. She is also heartworm-free.

Now with Scruffi gone and Nonny off living the high life somewhere in the great who-knows-where with our former neighbors, I am down to one dog from my "beware of dog" icon. :(

Lainie making the "stupid face" she makes every time I pull out the camera.

Scruffi, before she became "well-fed."

Love you all, and I hope your babies are well.

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