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Small Update

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much to those of you that have donated and/or bought some treats! I've raised enough money to get Mr. Ozzman to his first appointment. The money from PayPal should be transferred into my bank account by tomorrow morning, so I'm calling as soon as it's there so that way I can take him in ASAP!

The support my little man has received is absolutely incredible and I am so appreciative for every single dollar, thought, prayer, well-wishes, and any sharing of my Etsy store.

So that being said, I should also thank all of you have have kept Ozzy in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you! I also need to thank all of you that have shared my Etsy store with your friends/family. It's all very appreciated! From the very bottom of my heart. :)

I've made some changes. Gone are the 20 treats for $10. It's now 40 treats for $10. I've also added 100 treats for $20.

Straying away from the treats, I've also added custom 11x14 collage posters to my shop. I'm also thinking of adding custom collage canvases. :)

After his first visit is out of the way, I'll be purchasing some supplies to get started on making dog collars as well. If you all have any ideas as to what else I may be able to add, let me know!

I'm thinking that once Ozzy's eye has been taken care of, I'll keep the store running and donate all proceeds to Boston Terrier rescues and other family's in need of assistance with their pet's medical bills, as a way to give back to all our beloved furry friends. :)

As for my Ozzman, he's still doing alright. I still think that he can see shadows, but that's about it. But hey, even if that's all the vision we'll be able to salvage, that's good enough for me. I just don't want to see my poor guy go blind. I'm glad we adopted him when we did, though. At least he had a few weeks of getting to know the layout of our house and our routine. I think that has really helped him adjust to not being able to see very well/or at all.

Anyway, thanks again for all your lovely comments and support. We have been absolutely blessed and you all are a wonderful bunch of people. <3

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