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Just Neutered

My boy Harvard was neutered yesterday morning. How long before you let your babies romp around with their siblings? Harv's rambunctious little sister (3 month old Boxer) doesn't get why mommy gets upset if she tries to sneak tackle Harvard. Thankfully I'm off work on Mondays and Tuesdays so I can monitor them. Is it better if I just left him in his kennel? I put him straight in there last night after bringing him home and he got upset and cried. :(

He's doing ok now, lying next to me chewing on a stick while little sister is off causing mischief elsewhere in the house. He threw up twice last night because when we went outside to potty I think he was so hungry he ate some leaves and twigs and promptly threw them up.

Any general advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ellie (3 months) and Harvard (almost 7 months)


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