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1st time posting!

Hi to all. I was already a member of this community with my past journal, but I have a new one and now I'm posting for the first time here with it. I'm finally getting my own Boston Terrier puppy this summer. I already have a welsh corgie, so hopefully he can handle the new pup. I'm from the Cincinnati area, and I was just wondering if anyone knew and Boston Terrier breeders in the Cincinnati/Kentucky area. I know it's sorta a stupid question, but I thought I'd ask anyways. And does anyone have any advice as to how I should go about getting this puppy and stuff I should do? My welsh corgie was like 1 when we got him so he was already trained and stuff. I'm going to be new at this so thanks in advance for anyone that might be able to help me. I'm not that clueless but I just want to be a good doggy parent =)

♥ Cathie


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